Saturday, September 24, 2011

When in Rome ... Facebook

Upon arriving in our hotel with the group what is the first thing that we did? We all checked our Facebook pages. That is when I realized that forgot my computer charger. This is a bit of a tragedy because my computer battery is fried and lasts all of half an hour. And how am I blogging you ask? I am on my Kindle. It is just a step above typing it out on my cell phone. So please excuse any typos tht will inevitably be present. Oh well, better than nothing.
For lunch we went over to the little cafe on the corner of the block. The server was vey nive and did his best to help us order and split the check half a dozen ways. Melissa and I splita pizza that was pretty good; all of our group had pizza.
We ran into another student while we were trying to find an art supply store and thankfully she knew of one. Unfortunately the shop was closed, so we went and got gelatto instead. Te gelatto shop was packed to the gills, but it was worth the short wait.
Tonight the entire group is going out to pizza before a big day of touring.
Later I will have to post about my airport adventure.

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