Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Tomorrow, Tomorrow

In about nine hours I will start my day long travel to Roma. I managed to pack everything into my backpack that is about 2/3 of my height (yes, I am aware that is not saying much), so now I will look like a legit college travel bum. If TSA tries to explore it will undoubtedly explode all over their counter, but repacking it will then become their problem.
I am bringing various items entertain myself with. Last night Mom and I finished making a snazzy cover for my Kindle, which is loaded with a couple hundred books, a couple of games, and a calender. My phone battery is charged, so I can update my Facebook while I am still in the country. At current I assembling various playlists for my iPod to keep my ears entertained and give me the excuse to not have to converse with my fellow travelers at the crack of dawn. Hopefully some of my airports will have WiFi, allowing me to catch up on my shows via Hulu (Modern Family anyone?).
It looks like the rest of my Montana Alliance travelers are just as thrilled as I am to get this goat and pony show on the road! I hope that you will find some amusement in following my blog and that you feel as if you are traveling vicariously through me.

Possa la vostra sella non scivolare!

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