Saturday, September 10, 2011

Less Than Two Weeks

In a rather short span of time I shall embark on my next grand adventure. Two weeks from last Thursday I will leave the comfort of my own home for an eight week quest for knowledge 5,748 miles away. My total travel time to arrive in Rome is nearly 25 hours (but only if I do not change my watch) and includes four airports.Have I started packing? No. I am still fairly unsure as to what I should haul over with me. At this point I plan on bringing a regular sized backpack and a medium sized rolling suitcase. Packing will commence next week.
I shall keep this blog up to date during my travels, though I foresee video blogs being prevalent. There is a possibility that I will go for a certain theme, but most likely I will be lazy and just write/vlog about whatever I find to be interesting at the given time. If you have any questions or other such comments, feel free to send them on to me!

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