Friday, September 30, 2011

The City Within a City

Vatican City. Home of the leader of the Catholics and men dressed in renaissance costumes. But besides there being a bit of a time lapse in their fashion sense the Vatican has much to offer its thousands of daily visitors. The walk from our hotel was only about fifteen minutes (much shorter than the previous day's walk to Villa Borghese) and our first sight was St. Peter' Basilica. It was just as grand as I remember it being when I was just a few days short of twelve, but it did carry a different aire now that I have some learned some more background thanks to my highschool AP Euro class.

Our tour started in the museum of the city where we all wandered apart into various groups almost immediatly. Melissa J. and I meandered through the day with Professor Mark Moak and his wife, Rhett. Even though he stopped to take about a thousand photos throughout the seven hours that we explored, sticking with them was an invaluable resource. If we had a question one of them would often know the answer or be just as curious and help us seek out the answer.

In the various rooms we saw a wide variety of art. There was everything from Etruscan horse bits to paintings by Dali and Matisse to The School of Athens. It was absolutely mindblowing being within an elbow reach of some of the most well known art pieces in the entire world. It is not until I was actually in the Papal Apartments that I realized just how large the murals were.

St. Peter's was just as I remembered it. Since I had visited before I knew exactly what I wanted to see again. Among the various Beninni pieces (what in Rome did this guy not sculpt?) I was in search of the Unicorn. I believe that there is only one in the basilica and I remember her from my previous visit. It took awhile, but she was even more magnificent than my memory held.

Even though we were there for seven hours there was so much that we did not see. I guess that means I will have to come back again!

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