Sunday, September 25, 2011

The True Texas

Today we visited the Capitoline Museum, which is the home of the real Lupa Capitolina. She had a whole room dedicated to her and it was magnificent from ceiling to floor. The remainder of the day I noticed quite a few depictions of her throughout the city. I also aw this gigantic sculpture of Marcus Aurilius on his horse, it took up a fair portion of the room.
Later in the day (after a lovely nap and a lunch of bread and candy corn) we went to theTrevi Fountain, which I had only seen at night the last time that I was here in Rome. Of course the two horses (especially the more wild looking one) were my favorite part ofthe sculpture. It is hard to imagine carving all of tha stone and moving it to the location for instalation. Like Texas, everything is bigger in Rome. The building provide shade for the streets themaority of the day, the sculptures are never less than life size, and painting require entire walls.
On a side note: we found a small grocery store today at which I bought some bread for dinner. I have now had a fair share of pizza and bread, now  just need to find an inexpensive plate of pasta. Maybe  will treat myself to some for my birthday on Tuesday.

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