Friday, October 14, 2011

Lazy Day

Today is the beginning of our first legitimate weekend at the Villa. Many people skipped breakfast due to a late night of celebrating the finale of the Art History course (a Jeopardy-esque type game/test thing). Then Melissa and I went back to bed until about noon when I decided to go read outside. But instead of reading I ended up chatting with my professors, which was equally diverting and much more educational. The majority of people left at around 10:30 this morning to go spend the day at the nearby lake, so it has been a very quiet day here at Villa Pieve.

Melissa and I just bought our rail passes for our travel week. Besides ourselves, our roommate Lauren is going on the adventure, making it all the merrier! Our goal is to attend as many cities as possible within our ten day pass, while still seeing what we want to and consuming some amount of sleep. Most likely we will be sleeping on the trains every night and resuming our diets of inexpensive gelatto and pizza. It will no doubt be a memorable experience no matter how it ends up!

Hopefully my computer charger will arrive this week and I will be able to finally post the photos I promised as well as blog on a more regular basis!

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  1. Im so glad that you made it to the villa. I hope your journey on the train finds you many fun and unforgettable adventures. Keep us posted. Have a super fun time. We miss you. Sending many good thoughts.